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    PCB Process Capability PCBA Process Capability PCB Equipment PCBA Equipment


    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Board thickness0.1-8.0mm
    High FrequencyPTFE,Ceramic、Rogers
    HDI Stage1-5 Stage(≥6 Stage need to appraisal)
    Min PCS sizepcs size 5*5mm(less than 3mm need to appraisal)
    Max Panel size21*33inch
    Max Finish copper thickness12OZ
    Min Finish copper thickness1/2oz
    Layer to layer accuracy≤3mil
    Board thickness of Resin0.2-6.0mm
    Board thickness tolerance



    Impedance tolerance±5Ω(<50Ω),±10%(≥50Ω);Min±8%(≥50Ω)
    Bow and twistNormal:0.75%,Min:0.5%   Max:2.0%
    Lamination timesone core ≤5 times
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    Material Type

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Material TypeNormal TG FR4SY S1141、KB 6160A
    Middle TG FR4SY S1150G、KB6165 F、KB6165G(HF)
    High TG FR4SY S1000-2、SY S1165(HF)、KB 6167G(HF)、KB 6167F、TU-768、TU-872、VT-47;
    CTI 600SY S1600
    High FrequencyRogers4350、Rogers4003;Arlon 25FR、25N;
    PTFERogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、F4Bseries 、TP series
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    Metal material

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Metal materialLayersAlumi、Metal:1-8L;Ceramic board:1-2L;
    PCS SizeMAX:610*610mm、MIN:5*5mm
    Max Panel size(Ceramic board)100*100mm
    Finish board thickness0.5-5.0mm
    Copper thickness0.5-12 OZ
    Matel thickness0.5-4.5mm
    Matel material typeAL:1100/1060/2124/3003/5052/6061;Copper:Purple copper
    Min finish holes and toleranceNPTH:0.5±0.05mm;PTH(Aluminum;Metal):0.3±0.1mm;
    CNC tolerance±0.2mm
    PCB Surface TreatmentHASL/HASL L/F;OSP;ENEPIG;Hard gold;Heavy gold
    Metal PCB Surface TreatmentENEPIG
    Matel materialBergquist(MP06503、HT04503);TACONIC(TLY-5、TLY-5F);
    Dielectric thickness75-200um
    Thermal conductivity0.3-3W/m.k(Aluminum,Metal);24-180W/m.k(Ceramic)
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    Product Type

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Product TypeRigid boaradBack board、HDI、Multilayer burried board、Heavy copper、Power heavy copper、IC Substrate
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    Stack up

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Stack upHDI board

    1+N+1、1+1+N+1+1、2+N+2、3+N+3(Burried hole size 0.3mm)

    Filled vias with copper capped

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    Surface Treatment

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Surface TreatmentPB FreeGold Plating 、ENIG、Gold finger、HASL L/F、OSP、ENEPIG、immersion silver、immersion Tin、ENIG+OSP、ENIG+G/F、Gold Plating +G/F、immersion silver+G/F、immersion Tin+G/F
    A/R Ratio10:1(HASL、HASL L/F、ENEPIG、immersion silver、immersion Tin);8:1(OSP)
    Board thicknessENIG:0.2-7.0mm,immersion Tin:0.3-7.0mm(Vertical)、0.3-3.0mm(Level);immersion silver:0.3-3.0mm;HASL、HASL L/F:0.6-3.5mm、OSP:0.3-3.0mm;Gold plating:0.3-5.0mm(A/R:10:1)
    IC SPACE3mil
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    Surface Treatment Thickness

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Surface Treatment ThicknessHASL、HASL L/F2-40um(HASL MAX:0.4um、HASL L/F MAX:1.5um)
    ENIGNi:3-5um;Au:1-5uinch,≥3uinch(Need to appraisal)
    Immersion silver6-12uinch
    Immersion Tin≥1um
    Gold Hard Plating2-50uinch
    Gold PlatingAu:0.025-0.10um,Ni≥3um,
    Gold Plating +G/FAu:1-50uinch、Ni≥3um
    Carbon ink10-50μm
    Liquidcopper(10-18um)、via hole(5-8um)、line corner≥5u
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    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Drilling0.15/0.2mm Mechanical drilling board thickness(Max)1.5mm/2.5mm
    Laser drilling size(Min)0.1mm
    Laser drilling size(Max)0.15mm
    Drilling size


    PTFE series :0.25mm(drill bit:0.35mm)

    Mechanical Blind and Burried holes size≤0.3mm

    Close hole size:0.35mm(Min)(drill bit:0.45mm)

    PTH Half hole size:0.40mm(drill bit:0.5mm)

    A/R Ratio20:1(≤0.2mm)
    Back drill depth0.2mm
    Drilling to conductor space5.5mil(≤8L);6.5mil(10-14L);7mil(>14L)
    Mechanical drilling to conductor space(2stage HDI)7mil(one time);8mil(two time);9mil(three time)
    Laser drilling to conductor space7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2)
    PTH edge to PTH edge space(diff net)10mil
    PTH edge to PTH edge space(same net)6mil(drilling;laser drilling);10mil(Mechanical HDI)
    NPTH edge to NPTH edge space8mil
    Drilling accuracy±2mil
    NPTH tolerance±2mil
    PTH tolerance±2mil
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    Outer layer PAD

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Outer layer PADInner Layer and outer Layer PAD size(Laser drilling)10mil(4mil Laser drilling size),11mil(5mil Laser drilling size)
    Inner Layer and outer Layer PAD size(Mechanical drilling)16mil(8mil drilling size)
    BGA PAD Size(min)HASL:10mil,Other:7mil
    BGA tolerance+/-1.2mil(PAD<12mil);+/-10%(PAD≥12mil)
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    Line width/space

    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    Line width/spacewidth/space


    1OZ: 3/3.5mil

    2OZ: 5/5mil

    3OZ: 7/7mil

    4OZ: 10/10mil

    5OZ: 15/15mil

    6OZ: 18/18mil

    7OZ: 20/20mil

    8OZ: 24/24mil

    9OZ: 26/26mil

    10OZ: 28/28mil

    12OZ: 32/32mil

    Line tolerance



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    Solder mask and Silk screen

    ItemProject nameProcess capability

    Solder mask and Silk screen

    Solder mask plugged hole size(Min)0.5mm
    Solder mask colorGreen、Yellow、Black、Blue、Red、White、Purple、Pink、Matt Green、Matte Black、cold white.
    Silk screen colorWhite、Yellow、Black
    Peelable hole size(Max)10.0mm
    Resin hole size0.1-1.0mm
    Solder mask damGreen:3.5mil、Other:6mil
    Silk screen line width(Min)Width:3mil,High:24mil(White); Width:5mil,High:32mil(Black);
    Hollow out on silk screen space(Min)Width:8mil,High:40mil
    Hollow out on solder mask space(Min)Width:8mil,High:40mil
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    ItemProject nameProcess capability
    V-CUT to conductor space





    V-CUT symmetrical tolerance±4mil
    V-CUT Angle tolerance±5°
    V-CUT Spec20°、30°、45°
    G/F bevel20°、30°、45°
    G/F bevel angle tolerance±5°
    Controlled milling/drill tolerance(NPTH)±0.10mm
    Outline tolerance±4mil
    Router slot hole tolerance(PTH)Slot hole width and length ±0.15mm
    Router slot hole tolerance(NPTH)Slot hole width and length ±0.10mm
    Drilling slot hole tolerance(PTH)±4mil
    Drilling slot hole tolerance(NPTH)±2mil
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