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    Business Introduction

    The CAD design business of KnownPCB started in 2015, and the design team has gathered more than 30 excellent designers from the first-class CAD design companies in China, with each team member having more than five years of work experience and DFM certification, and the main members having experience as product engineers to ensure design for fabrication capability.

    The company has been committed to high-speed PCB design, design fields including security and surveillance products, automotive electronics, communication technology facilities, industrial control motherboards, and military products. KnownPCB  adheres to market-oriented and customer demand-centered business philosophy, and focus on saving cost, reducing production cycle and providing quality products for customers.

    Design Capability

    Minimum Line Width

    Minimum Via

    Minimum BGA pitch

    Highest speed signal

    Highest layer of HDI


    6mil (4mil laser hole)



    22 floors

    Minimum spacing

    Highest layer

    Maximum number of BGA-PINs

    The fastest delivery

    HDI highest level


    48 floors


    6 hours a piece

    14 layers HDI of any order

    Design Working Flow

    PIN number Delivery time (days) Expedited time (days)
    0-1000PIN 3 1 day
    1000- 3000PIN 5 3 days
    3000- 5000PIN 7 5 days
    5000- 8000PIN 10 7 days
    8000- 10000PIN 18 10 days
    10000- 20000PIN 17 14 days

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