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    PCB Fabrication

    Business Introduction

    We KnownPCB offers consistent, high quality with fast delivery PCB manufacturing at competitive price.With 15 years’ experience in PCB fabrication, we have produced the following types of boards for more than 4000 worldwide clients:multilayers boards with normal TG and TG180,heavy copper up to 12oz boards,high-frequency high-speed boards,mix laminates,rigid-flex boards,HDI boards,etc..

    Here is our advantage:

    No MOQ,even 1pcs is welcome

    Fast lead time 24 hours after EQ solved out

    Fast and cheap transportation via FedEx&UPS&DHL

    The most competitive price in whole industry

    One stop PCB&PCBA service

    Professional and efficient technical team


    Multilayer PCBs

    HDI PCBs

    Rigid-Flex PCBs

    High Frequency High Speed PCBs

    Metal Core PCBs

    Heavy Copper/Gold PCBs

    Aluminum PCBs


    Copper PCBs

    Small PCBs

    Through Hole PCBs

    PCB Reverse Engineering

    PCBA/PCB Assembly

    Prototype PCBs

    Single Side PCBs

    Double Sided PCBs

    Double Layer PCBs

    Fr4 PCBs

    Ceramic PCBs

    RF PCBs

    Power PCBs

    Ptfe PCBs

    Automotive PCBs

    Medical device PCBs

    PCB Capability

    Minimum inner ring (single side)4.0mil(0.10mm)5mil(0.13mm)
    Board thickness0.1-8.0mm0.2-5.0mm
    Minimum line width/spacing

    Inner layer:2.0mil/2.0mil

    Outer layer:2.5mil/2.5mil

    Inner layer:2.5mil/2.5mil

    Outer layer:3.0mil/3.0mil

    Minimum mechanical drilling hole diameter0.10mm0.15mm
    Minimum laser drilling aperture0.075mm0.10mm
    Maximum Aspect Ratio(HDI technics)30:125:1
    Maximum Aspect Ratio(Through holes)13:112:1
    Minimum solder mask bridge2.0mil(50μm)3.0mil(75μm)
    Minimum opening window for solder mask1.5mil2mil
    Maximum diameter of plug oil0.80mm0.50mm
    Minimum distance from hole to line5.5mil(0.14mm)6mil(0.15mm)
    Impedance tolerance control±5%(Differential and characteristic tes)±10%(Differential and characteristic test)
    HDI order4 steps2 steps
    Surface treatmentHAL、HAL lead free,OSP、gold plated、immersion gold、immersion tin、immersion silver、HAL+gold fingersHAL、HAL lead free,OSP、gold plated、immersion gold、immersion tin、immersion silver、HAL+gold fingers

    Fast Delivery for Prototypes

    Layer CountExpeditedRegular
    2-layer24 hrs5WDs
    4-layer48 hrs6WDs
    6-layer48 hrs7WDs
    8-layer72 hrs8WDs
    ≥10-layer72 hrs8WDS+
    Small to Middle Volumes Delivery
    Layer CountExpeditedRegular

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