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    KnownPCB is committed to creating value for society, establishing and maintaining a good image of honesty and law-abiding, paying taxes according to the law, taking the initiative to undertake obligations to the natural environment, social and economics development, actively maintaining national unity and social stability, and supporting social welfare undertakings. We protect the legal rights and interests of our employees according to law, continuously improve our service, and pursue the common progress and development of our customers, employees and society.

    Employee Care

    We put people first, focus on staff training and protect the legal rights and interests of employees, and provide employees with a broader space for development with the reform on market-oriented employment mechanism.We consider each employee as a valuable asset for the development of the company, and hope they can work happily, live happily, be  progressive so as to achieve win-win development between the employees and the company.

    Social Responsibility

    KnownPCB always insists on paying taxes according to the law, operating with integrity and giving back to the society. Since its establishment, the company has been fulfilling its tax obligations every year according to the law and giving back to the society.

    We pay attention to customers, respect and care for our customers, and strive to provide quality products and services for our customers. In the process of cooperation with customers, both sides insist on mutual benefit and friendly coexistence, constantly improving cooperation to keep the economy going and provide stable employment opportunities.

    We actively participate in social welfare. The administrative department of our company often sends greetings, care and all kinds of daily necessities to poverty-stricken families in rural areas.

    Green Operation

    KnownPCB actively fulfills its social and environmental responsibilities and advocates green operation. We continue to improve the management of safe production and environmental protection. We have set up a special committee for clean production and safe production, and established protection measures and systems on environment and safe production in accordance with ISO14001 systems. We strive to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise by reducing solid waste, waste water and waste gas generated during a production through design optimization, equipment renovation, waste heat recovery and waste water reuse.


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