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Rigid-flex PCBs

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Custom Rigid-flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCB Features and Applications

Rigid-flex PCBRigid-flex PCBs



Rigid-Flex PCBs


Rigid-flex PCBs combine the best features of both rigid and flexible circuits into a single board, offering numerous advantages for complex electronic applications. Rigid-Flex PCBs consist of multiple layers of rigid and flexible substrates laminated together into a single structure.


Features of Rigid-Flex PCBs


1. Combined Structure:

   - Rigid Sections: Provide structural integrity and support for heavy components.

   - Flexible Sections: Allow for flexibility and dynamic bending, suitable for complex shapes and constrained spaces.

2. Layer Configuration:

   - Multilayer Design: Typically involve multiple layers of rigid and flexible materials, interconnected through plated through-holes (PTHs) or microvias.

   - Complex Stack-Up: Combination of flexible and rigid layers requires careful planning of the stack-up to ensure signal integrity and mechanical stability.

3. Improved Reliability:

   - Reduced Interconnections: Fewer interconnects and solder joints between rigid and flexible parts reduce potential points of failure.

   - Dynamic Flexing: Capable of enduring dynamic flexing, making them suitable for applications requiring repeated bending.

4. Space and Weight Savings:

   - Compact Design: Integration of rigid and flexible circuits into a single board saves space and reduces weight, essential for portable and compact devices.

   - Three-Dimensional Assembly: Allows for three-dimensional assembly, optimizing the use of available space.


Applications of Rigid-Flex PCBs


1. Consumer Electronics:

   - Wearable Devices: Used in smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable tech where space is limited and flexibility is required.

   - Mobile Devices: Applied in smartphones and tablets for compact design and reliability under mechanical stress.

2. Medical Devices:

   - Diagnostic Equipment: Essential for compact and reliable diagnostic tools and imaging systems.

   - Implantable Devices: Used in implantable medical devices where flexibility and reliability are critical.

3. Automotive Electronics:

   - Infotainment Systems: Used in car infotainment systems requiring reliable connections in a compact space.

   - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Applied in ADAS for robust performance under varying mechanical conditions.

4. Aerospace and Defense:

   - Avionics: Critical for avionics systems where space constraints and reliability are paramount.

   - Military Equipment: Used in military applications requiring durable and lightweight circuitry.

5. Industrial Applications:

   - Robotics: Applied in robotic systems where flexibility and compact design are needed.

   - Industrial Control Systems: Used in control systems that require reliable connections in harsh environments.


Rigid-flex PCBs offer a versatile solution by combining the advantages of both rigid and flexible circuits. Rigid-flex PCBs are ideal for applications requiring compact design, mechanical flexibility, and high reliability, such as consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.

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