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    Leading technology

    1.Max.layers:38L, the min.track w/d is 3mil/3mil, the plating hole aspect ratio is 13:1, and the drill hole is 0.10mm(laser hole is 0.075mm).

    2.High precision lamination positioning and hot melt and shooting technology, to ensure the quality of multilayers PCB processing.

    3.Various types of rigid flexible lamination design, to meet different industrial products

    4.High precision back drilling and depth control technology,to meet the integrity design of product signal transmission

    Advanced research and development strength

    1.More than 10 professional and technical teams with more than 20 years of PCB experience, provide clients products and services of high stability.

    Advanced production equipment&Complete quality control system

    1.ISO9001, ISO14001, AITF16949, UL, CQC quality system certification, etc

    2.In strict accordance with the latest IPC standards and customer requirements of multiple control, ensure that shipped products meet customer quality requirements

    3.Strictly follow IPQP,SPC,FMEA,MSA and PPAP system operation.

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