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      (1) There should be a reasonable direction: such as input/output, AC/DC, strong/weak signals, high-frequency/low-frequency, high-voltage/low-voltage, etc. Their direction should be linear (or separated) and should not blend with each other. Its purpose is to prevent mutual interference.

      (2) Choose a good grounding point: For example, the multiple ground wires of the forward amplifier should be merged before connecting to the main ground, etc.

      (3) Reasonably arrange the power filter/decoupling capacitors: Generally, only a few power filter/decoupling capacitors are drawn in the schematic diagram, but they are not indicated where they should be connected. In fact, these capacitors are designed for switching devices or other components that require filtering/decoupling, and they should be arranged as close to these components as possible.

      (4) There is a particular emphasis on lines: if conditions permit, lines that are wide will never be thin; High voltage and high-frequency lines should be smooth, without sharp chamfers, and corners should not be at right angles. The ground wire should be as wide as possible, and it is best to use a large area of copper coating.

      (5) Although some problems occur in post production, they are caused by PCB design. They are: there are too many wire holes, and even a slight mistake in the copper sinking process can lead to hidden dangers. Therefore, in the design, the number of wire holes should be minimized as much as possible. The density of parallel lines in the same direction is too high, making it easy to connect them together during welding. Therefore, the linear density should be determined based on the level of welding process.


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