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      The circuit board sampling of circuit board manufacturers generally refers to the electronic products being sent to the circuit board manufacturer for processing into circuit boards for testing after the engineer completes the PCB layout design. Because it is a newly developed product, many functions are not yet perfect, and there are still many functions that need to be debugged. Only after debugging is qualified can batch production be carried out. If debugging is not qualified, it is necessary to revise, sample, and debug again, reducing a lot of unnecessary hemp in the later stage

      The quantity of samples varies depending on the delivery time of the samples. Generally speaking, for an ordinary single and double-sided board, it is not urgent, with a quantity of less than 10 pieces and a standard process. The scale is within 100 * 100mm, and it usually costs only 50 yuan. However, if your quantity is larger than this, and the delivery time needs to be expedited, the price will vary. The specific price will be calculated based on the information, quantity, and delivery time.

      If it is a regular four layer, not urgent, with a quantity of no more than 10 pieces, using conventional techniques and a scale of no more than 100 * 100mm, it usually costs only 200 yuan. This price also varies depending on the quantity, difficulty of data, and delivery time.

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